Monday, May 22, 2017

How to mesure a career?

One of the strange part of the music industry is the levels and goals you talk about. I write a lot of these levels and achievements and try to describe them.

If you compare to a sports star it's much easier. First is to reach something like I want to jump this high or this long. Then you can also measure it by competition or Guinness record book and with numbers. And you can see where you are since you are playing in a league. Even the goals themselves are much easier. I aim for the next Olympics for example.

If just start a business it's easier. We were on a course with our company and these questions came up. And when we started to describe our goals the teacher looked confused. He was used to that the companies had goals for money and units. And these goals could be calculated like in sports.
The questions like when has a band broke through or witch level is the band right now was impossible to answer. How long will it take was also impossible. Values like network and friendship was much higher. Also that things like even we had more bands was not equal to more money, could even be the opposite. The course was really intense for us but fun to try to explain our complex world of competing in a no competing environment.

So when sport star talks about been focused or it takes endurance I will laugh. If you have a easy measure system its child games. In reality just try to not be injured.

This makes it frustrating also for yourself. I don't know when I reached next level. Sometimes I feel now I can do this and then when you do it is too early. That leads to that you just wait to reach for something really too late.

Overtime you get better and better to read the situation but it's never easy.

Right now I think just I stepped over a threshold on a thing I though happened two years ago but really happened now. I guess I can tell in my biography if I was right.

I also guess that the new industry will fail around that they try to make figures out of music. The number of streams really doesn’t tell how many who would pay for a ticket to see it live.

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