Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Here is the secret homepage that makes your career!

I just stumble on a homepage where they have all e-mail addresses and phone numbers to the right people in the music industry. Now you just have to contact the right person.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if a page like that existed? Then everybody in the world could make a living as an artist. Making millions of dollars and tour every fifth year. That would be a great world.
But hey the whole start looks like a spam letter; oh we have a dead African king that left millions of dollars you just have to send your credit card number and security code.  Get real!

Still I bump into artists almost every week that actually keep this illusion real. Instead of chasing fans they are chase people that should chase fans for them. The energy goes to chasing these people that really not exists. Same as in a casino they let you have a small win and then you chase that big win, but it never comes. Instead you should just save that money and build your fortune. It’s pretty clear but easier said than done.

Still the text is just like a spam letter. This homage should just not work. The right person is where you are in your career. The right person is not the same for Metallica as it is for a new indie band from Copenhagen. Just there should you be suspicious about this homepage if it existed.

It really doesn’t matter who you know if your position is not right. Even if I gave you my whole network it doesn’t matter. For example I know the girl who books the biggest arena in London. She is really nice and always says that I can send her stuff and is keen on discovering new bands. Sure I can send her new bands, but the arena takes around 65000 visitors so she can't book them. I don’t have a band that can draw so many people in London. She will be good to have when I have a band in that capacity, but right now I have to wait.

In the world of these bands they don’t want to wait. Send her their demo and hope that she can do something.  There is no reality to it. Back to the lottery, in a million maybe she can do something but it’s so slim that it’s better to build the artist so they have enough fans and then go to her.

I’m amazed that the artist hasn’t figured this out and still wonders. I guess it has to be with human nature, hope is the last that leaves a person’s body, like Adée use to say on her concerts.

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