Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Believe in some other peoples dreams to do your own.

I had a really good meeting when I was in London with a new company that has a new way of synchronizing music into pictures. In that they also have a really cool way to get exposure for music in the modern technology.

They actually launch in October and are just 5 employees. It’s totally brand new and is doing things no one has done before. I just adore these permissions.  Companies in this size are the one you really want to hang on to. They are in the field to do something new and got the founds for it but are still small enough to have a conversation to and get your artists to be in priority.

I have meet hundreds of them and in many cases they fail. But ever third year I meet one t6hat actually succeed. I meet Spotify when they were in this size. I got a lot over that contact. I meet Digmark when they were in that size and we did fabulous things. Now they are Universal Streaming Services and are one of the most important PR companies there is. I meet Music Dealers in that size and they grow to over 200 employees, then sadly disappeared and got bought up, but during the heydays we did some great stuff. You just have to take a risk and a chance.

Still I see so many people not willing to take that risk. There is no point today to try making that relationship with Spotify. It’s gone I won’t play in the league.  So you have to get into the business when they are in the right size and are open to work with you and you are important to them. If they succeed it’s good, yes you will be less and less important to them and that is natural, but hey you got some great stuff going on.

What error people do is to try to befriend them when they are too big. It’s easy to be on the right horse when it’s just 100 meters left of the race. You have to the betting before the race.
So to get people believe in your project, start support other people’s projects and dreams.

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