Friday, May 26, 2017

London gig and success checkbox

Are in London for meetings and a showcase with The Magnettes. The bombing in Manchester can been seen everywhere with heavy armored police. Still it's "keep calm and keep going" mentality.

So this will be posted after the show but written before. I can only write what we hope to achieve, when you read we will know.

What we hope here to get people that can book and promote shows for the summer 2018. Yes that is how far ahead we try to work with the artist planning. In most cases it's impossible to plan like this. I guess a measure of success is that you can start planning a year a head.
And it's good it makes life so much easier.

This is the part many thinks happens when they get signed. He truth is that you are just heading into a two year period where it's even more chaos than before. And if you survive that and work hard this is the point when the check box proves that you have moved forward.

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