Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Crowdfunding is like punk not dead yet!

I just got one of those crow founding things in my flow. I thought that game was totally up? I mean the only one that really got something was Amanda Palmer but it was years ago. And to be honest her claim to fame is just the crowdfunding not so much the music.

Also these campaigns really annoy me. Not so much that they want money, that is okay, it is what they are spend the damn money on. Of course much of the crowdfunding is to get cash and then release something. Because of that most campaigns is mostly about getting money to print a fucking CD. A vinyl is ok, but no it’s not okay since when you see their calculations you see that PR is not even get 10% of what that damn pressing is costing.

I went on to look on this page just to see if something has changed, I mean I was part of this seven years ago. Then it was a pretty good solution to presale physical products.

To my surprise they have done it worse now. Oh well this artist has. The thing the artist is give away is shout outs on twitter with your name. Insane prices to get a signed copy of her album.

Then the artist thanked for the support and got on the youtube channel. Oh well let’s take a look on that one. Ohh the support of 65 followers on 26 videos, and under 200 plays on each video and spread out so it’s not even a video a week more like a video in the month. Okey let's check your Spotify history. The last singles has not even over 1000 listnings…some old album has fishy numbers and looks like to be your self-streaming your own songs ( well I would guess this the way the artist use crowdfounding).

Then we look into if she gather fans , nope, no facebook adding and no crossing between the homepage and the youtube channel.

Finally I listen to a song and get the whole problem. The artist can sing pretty good, but has no real charisma, just a urge to be living out of the music so trying all these advices that are on the internet to try to make the dream happens. Even if I write many tips in this blogg, don't follow them all. But one to follow is think twice before crowfunding.

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