Monday, May 15, 2017

Eurovison song fail.

I was watching the final of Eurovision song contest and congratulations Portugal. Still is this the best we have in songwriting? It feels like in the 90: s when the Ice Hockey championship was held. Since the timing of the Ice Hockey world cup was held in April the NHL was not done so the best players was never able to get into the teams. Because of that it just became pointless. It was the farmer league making up for the world title.

So many other country’s just take in songwriters that I wouldn’t let send in a demo to me write for their country’s. Neither the Swedish ones are the best we have;  it’s more the semi pros that are writing for Eurovision in most cases. If it is a pro it’s usually song that they can lose anyway.
Portugal won but still the songs sucks. Not in the competition in Eurovision there it was the best. But I compare with the rest of the world. This was 26 horrible songs. I didn’t hear the one that was taken out in the semis, but can just imagine how bad these where. The worst part how bad was the songs that were taken out by this bad song in the semifinal?

It’s no wonder a song from Eurovision has a life span of two weeks.

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