Wednesday, May 10, 2017

There is no back door.

I get these messages from time to time that people always think there is a backdoor to everything. Right now it was for a showcase festival abroad where we had booked bands before. Suddenly people think that we know a back door to that festival and start mailing me if I can give the email to a person that could bring in their artists to the festival.

In this case, all we did was applying and our band is that way that they took them on. Maybe they took an extra listening since they know me personally and we have meet during the years, still I took the normal way, even payed the entrance fee.

Sure I could have mailed my friends and pushed it. But I don’t think it would have helped. In most cases there is no back door. There are personal contacts so people listen to what you have to say. But that is not that much of advantage. It comes down to good music and a good product and if it fits in that year.

Same with recordlabels. Time to time people call me up to get the personal address to someone on the labels we work with. Same here there is little point. Yes if I personally send the stuff then they look at it since it’s me sending and they have worked with me for a long time. To be honest most of these people that ask a question like this don’t have their shit together and that is why they don’t get in. Also the reason why I don’t want to waste these peoples time with something that they can’t work with anyway. And it wouldn’t look good if I started to send stuff that is not good, and the person behind it doesn’t have their shit together, that can end in a loss of trust.

Then there is the back door. If you pay money, for example if you want your own stage on a festival there is certainly always a price. Seldom have these people that contact you wanted to pay that price, they just want the favor that never will be returned.

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