Tuesday, May 23, 2017

30 000 views, thank you!

I usually get over 10 000 views each half year, both 10000 and 20000 came with six month time. So being a whole month ahead is really great. I don’t care so much of the statistics, but I was looking through today and saw that I have the same amount of readers as the midsized music blogs.

So I have proven my point? I don’t know if I have written this in the English part (the blog changed language to English from Swedish it has just been English in a year). The reason I started the blog was to prove to the artists that everything can be done if you just put in some time and keep doing it.
The blog is like giving out music. You have to be consistent and you try to write about stuff that people actually care about and yourself care about.  Then you try to spread the things you create. I guess here I have done a bigger step. In the beginning I was just posting to the blogg. Now it is always promoted a week later on Musichelp, Distrosong, my personal Facebook, also adding my personal Twitter account. That and the language change made a bigger audience and I have been experimenting with witch times is the best time to post things.

This is what an artist should do as well with music. See what post works best and mix between songs, live and other stuff.

Back to my point. Have I proven it? Well in a way. I guess you music is actually more interesting than me nagging about different things in the music industry. I also hope it has a better look and feeling then my blog. It’s proven though that I have gotten an audience by posting 443 posts over 1,5 years. By that said an artist should not have that much of a problem breaking my numbers. Also I have a better understanding what should be done on a artist account on social media, when the artist complains that it’s hard to get followers I can just say that if a middle-aged man that nags about stuff get these numbers and you not, then you do something wrong.

I just got a lot of new readers from France even though the biggest countries are Sweden and USA. And it’s fantastic that people for all around the world read what I put out.

One thing makes me wonder but also come to a special conclusion. I don’t get any comments. Over these 443 posts I have gotten 10 comments. Two was spam. One was a guy seeing through my April fools joke.  Three was in a special blog where I promised to send unique information and four has been just people complaining that I suck or can’t write good English.

Still I know people are reading it, they come up to me talking about the blogg when I’m out from the office on festivals, clubs or awards. I ask them why they don’t comment, and they don’t have anything to say since I said it all ( flatter I know). Most of them though gives me likes on Facebook and if they really like it they share it.

In the end I’m happy that they read the things I write and I hope it actually gives something back about the music industry and if I can just inspire one reader my goals are fulfilled.

This is how happy I became for the news of 30 000 views. Also that i got a "Trucker Keps" on the Southern Comfort party at TGE (to the left is Bosse who also likes new hats)

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