Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The death of the review

I’m sitting and sending out the new album for a band to get reviews. The problem today with this new single driven world we live in is that is it really necessary?

I know that the reviews many times are just like a receipt of the artist work. A good receipt is always good for the ego. At the same time do we need them? I get so many artists using these reviews as a teddybear to tell me that their music is good.

The problem today is that most writers will only write when they think it’s really really good, or it’s very famous.  So in most cases there will not be any reviews since usually there is some famous every week and they usually don’t need that review anyway. And the really really good ones as just ten albums a year.

I guess today we see it more that people write as a good review. And actually it’s not a review is just a short text saying that they like the new song.

The days when someone was going over your music in details is really over. And if someone is doing that it’s usually someone that really doesn’t know the craftsmanship of music and will just be a saying in the flood with millions of other sayings on the internet.

Still we need to do this send out. The dream is still there that you will break through getting good reviews.

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