Friday, March 31, 2017

In collaboration both parties would win on it.

I got some mails asking for collaboration. The funny part it’s the rest of text is just about how we should work for free around the artist. We should give them a test period so they can test out our publishing. The only thing they are going in with is a promise if we work hard it all will be a success.

Yes our deals are a collaboration that has always been that way. So there is nothing new. And usually the deals is done in an collaborate way. What you usually you are offering is not really collaboration; it’s a bigger risk for our company.

Right now I usually tell artists that when they reach a certain point the companies comes with collaborations and offers. Before then it’s just a begging by the artists that the company’s should put in money and time in their project.

In collaboration both parties would win on it. In these cases it’s not. We should take the risk and just hope on the best. So keep it as it is, you want us to invest time and money in your project. It’s nothing wrong to write that. That is the things we do.

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