Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A catch 22 for artists.

I just saw some stupid online competition that you could get on a stage on a bigger festicval in UK. They also promised that “Also guarantee that ALL the artists who perform have the opportunity to play in front of industry professionals, providing them with great exposure and a platform to be noticed”.

All you had to do is the register and get as many as possible to vote for you on their homepage.


The one with the biggest fanbase will win this. But if you already have that kind of fanbase you really don’t need to be exposed to the industry professionals. Most of them will do a far worse job that you already has done. The one that needs these industry people is the smaller ones, tat are good, but they don’t stand a chance.

Of course they might cheat and just let someone that they like musically win. Then it’s cheating, so there is no point then to get on with this.

It’s like a catch 22, if you already have the audience you don’t need this opportunity. If you need it well then you don’t have that massive audience to vote for you. The winner of course is the festival that gets your fans data.

Most of things like this when it’s you have to chase your fans like this sucks. Most for the fans, what is the point for them to get you a vote and lose their data? Every time I have seen it the band that wins these competitions really sucks. I don’t know where they get their audience but usually it’s some strange country where they music is not that good from the beginning. Witch ends up that the industry people just stands in front of the stage don’t know a shit what to do. The figures are really good but the music sucks. And of course this end up in the blog entry I did a time ago

Next Phase is much harder.

Spotify is dead

Usually also the artists that are good are already picked up long before they reach these numbers. The ones still having the numbers and an urge to be in front of professionals usually has some really big error somewhere.

So the artist will harass their audience, the festival get a crappy band, the industry will waste time. Good work. and don't forget that you can pay people to vote for you.

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