Wednesday, March 29, 2017

You have to give something totally selflessly!

One thing that really makes me cringe is when artists do songs after awful events. There was a fire disaster in Gothenburg many years ago. It was a real tragic and many young people lost their lifes. And of course a couple of weeks later some artist released a song to get in money for the victims. I was part of the team doing the video, and I felt really bad for doing it. This artist was not that famous and I got the feeling that the artist got more exposure and PR by doing it. He took a chance to get something out of a disaster.

At the same time when Band Aid did “Do they know it’s Christmas” they got in a lot of money for starving people in Africa. The scene when Madonna took up the girl that was saved a couple of years was incredible.

Still it cringe me when people has to release a song around something to get PR. Half year ago it was a rock band from Sweden that did a video about a horrifying murder in Sweden. They had to take it off after massive protests from the public and the victim’s family.

I guess sometimes it’s really good the shine a light on a thing like Suzanne Vegas song “My name is Luka” or Soul Asylums “Runaway train”.

The whole thing is that you need to do it without the PR and you have to lose something on it. The other day my friend’s band went big that they would cancel their USA tour since Trump is an idiot. Here is the thing that they didn’t have a tour. They were about to seek out to go there. It was not like they sacrificed any money, tickets or sold out shows to make that statement. Then it just becomes cringe worthy.

To make it real you have to give something totally selflessly!

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