Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The company name doesn’t tell you anything. Major vs Indie

I just read an interview with some bosses of the big labels and two from the smaller labels. And it’s so easy to see who can actually do something and understand the market by just these answers.

The question was about the future. How will it look in the music industry in the future? The major labels are talking that they are now just going over to be music companies. A transition Musichelp started 15 years ago, and feel kind of old. The smaller ones talked about how the streaming was effecting and how they would work with that and the fears of it (mainly the fear is that music is not the type of culture that is influence the youth, today they have more sources that takes more time so we are more and more relying on only hit songs, an interesting fact but I won’t go into it here).

Also both the smaller ones talked about how they did the transition to from record labels to music companies a couple of years ago and now transition again. Yes we were early and they came around five years ago. Still the majors are totally after and doing it now.

The majors also talked about old systems where they hoped to find artists by numbers. And talked about systems they had built that mainly just put the artist to be bunch of cattle. Nothing really could be affected by the artist. They only way up was to sell more. You really are an ant in an anthill.

The worst part was that the majors called this artist services. Also a term we used in the 2000. Today we are developing against artist development. Yes we are looking on the artists as units not as a herd.
You can so easy tell what to choose out of this. Still artists seem to think they a familiar name are attractive? Well only the dead fishes follow along the stream.

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