Monday, March 20, 2017

How do you present new music?

Well start by not doing it like a drive by shooting. I just hate when people befriend me on Linked In (or facebook) and two days later send a stupid message that I should listen to their songs. Before I actually didn’t accept anyone on Linked In that I didn’t know who it was. Then (probably me pressing a button), the whole system starting to add people off some list I guess Facebook and after that I accept people even if we just meet in cyberspace. Of course if it is a totally fake id then I just get rid of them.

This can be really contra productive for you. I use my Linked In to see what is happening with people I work with. I don’t like to listen to music while I’m in there since it’s mainly when I research people that I should contact for some reason. Listen to strange demos is really not my mood.

And here is your problem. Since I’m not in the mood, well I will listen to your music with more critical ears than ever. Or even worse I will just put it in the background while I work with the more important stuff.

I also hate when artist claimed to get top the office just to play their new song. You should sit there and after 10 seconds your mind is wondering off thinking of that e-mail you really need to send or the dinner you need to buy before you go home. I can easy say that I never signed anything by anyone sending in this way.

Then on Musichelp we actually have links to send songs. I know that not all people have that. Still I’m pretty sure that most people don’t like the method of befriend people just to put a commercial up in their face. It’s like finding a link of a really great article and all you find is a damn commercial.

So when do I listen to songs? I like to stay focused and really be in mood to hear new stuff. Of course when my artist that I have signed send something I’m eager to hear it. But in this case I know they are doing music that I like and really want to hear it. Still if I’m in a job mode it actually can take a couple of days before I can relax and really listen carefully on their new music.

Send music to Musichelps links, or my e-mail if you have it.

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