Monday, March 6, 2017

The roles have changed.

I get more and more that the artist doesn’t really hang on to the new roles that the music industry has. They act like a publisher is the record label and the manger as a publisher and the publisher as distributor. And in a way I get it, we are changing roles like a girl changing clothes like Kate Perry sang.

So what is happening? Well totally forget that the major record label is the goal. Even the major are changing in many ways. What it’s all about the team. Not about the music. The stronger team in several fields will things happens. And it will take time. A weak team and a fast exposure (look Eurovision song contest) will not take you anywhere.
So here are the old components.

The Manager discovered the act. Then got money from a publisher to record a demo. Then sold the artist with the demo to a record label, took % of the upfront and disappeared. Then the record label either got the artist big or just flopped. If it became big a booking agency come along.
Today The Manger is like the engine to keep more players running smoothly and have a huge network and keep the momentum going. Publisher is more about to find the right songwriters then money for studio, and also be able to secure placements. The record label is more how much PR the can provide, the recording is a cheap thing now. More the work is to make sure that the PR firms of the publisher and the record label works together. Then you have new players like social media strategy. But like the old days the booking comes last.

Also now company’s pops up that just develop artist. They go under different names like A&R Company, Music Company and sometimes hide behind a Publisher or a Record Label.  Musichelp is like this we are hard to place since the new terms of company’s has not been totally clear.
Different positions of the artist our role change. We are the engine to build a career.

And now we are looking for new artist to develop, not demos, artists.

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