Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pay to learn

I’m kind of amused that artist almost never wants to pay for education. Well certain education is fine like guitar lessons. And those that have gone a bit they actually pay for singing lessons.

But pay for how to boost you social media, that they almost never pay for. Okay this is in Sweden I know this is much better in other markets. When I introduced some free lessons in marketing and social media skills my artists never read them or wanted to engage in them.

Here it’s almost like the people in the industry should know all these magical tricks. At the same time these tricks are usually depending on that someone has done some really good ground work. A ground work like collecting a newsletter email list, getting real likes on Facebook. Or even so simple things like to have something to write about on social media. And this work can almost only be done by the artist in the beginning. As we see right now even president Trump still Tweets himself to the medias amusement and his co-workers fear.

I mean her if Trump was an artist you just hire a staff to do his tweets. At the same time for a while we did that with artists and that became too robotic. Now we have pushed this back to the artist to get the personal touch around it.

I guess to pay for some books and lessons in this would be the first priority for artists. It’s the most frequent asked topic on panels that they want us to create on Live at Heart. But usually they become too hard for them since they don’t know the basics or have done the basics.

I don’t really don’t have a answer why it is this way. It’s just that I have noticed and find strange.

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