Thursday, March 16, 2017

Imaginary walls

Sometimes I bump into artists that put up imaginary walls in certain ways. Usually they put in some barrier because of something. For example if they play folk music they just aim for small labels (and I mean super small), small venues and has no plan what so ever on the big things. I just say: Mumford and Sons, if they can do it why can’t you?

No there is not a difference in styles. The only thing that difference is that certain styles is hi-jacked by people that don’t see the difference between crap and art.

The rules are the same even if you play jazz, chewing gum pop, punk or even art music. Its back to that you have to create something that people wants to listen to, instead of thinking that you create something special that no one understands.

Yes you can spread Jazz in social media and yes you can get fans there. There nothing that says that jazz needs to be given out on vinyl and their listeners demand vinyl so the government has to support their art. That is just bullshit.

This is the rules for everyone, even the people that start business.
1. You have to create something that is demand for, and in the beginning there might be no demand, but can be created.

2. You have to be where people are. Marketing is a must, it never happens magically.
If you play music that can’t be promoted, well that is a very good sign it’s crap, change your music.

Most of the time it’s promotable and not crap is just that the artist choose that way. Don’t stop yourself just because your idol sets for small audience.

Usually when I go to meetings where the more odd styles gather what strikes me is that they are so unprofessional, and that is usually the error, not the music. When you talk to people that play folk music they all want to go to Folk Alliance (big fair in USA for folk music). Sure why not, still the people that are on Folk alliance is very limited. None of the bigger players is there. Even if you just started you make a wall and put Folk Alliance as the top.  You should go for the mainstream ones like Canadian music week, SXSW, Musexpo, Live at Heart. Yes t will be harder competition but that is need for you to get out in the big market. If you set your top to the guy that has his record label under his bed, or the girl that has some strange festival for 150 bearded fruitarians you limit yourself. Sure you should take these as well but still adopt to get a bigger audience.

Why can’t a folk band be in Eurovison song contest, yes they can! Yes of course they will get shit form all the other crap musicians in that genre that tells you that you are a sell out or something. Do you know what, most of these people choose this style since they are afraid of success or actually not talent enough to make it! Still if you did it you will be different and very celebrated to have done it.

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