Friday, March 17, 2017

Its artist development you are looking for.

The roles become clearer right now. Most artists look for a record label or a management. Instead they should look for an artist development company. What do you say, do these exist? Yes they do, especially if you are in Sweden.

The record labels are good when you have gotten a way down the road. Still the gap between a ready artist and the record label is much bigger now.

Before this gap was not that big. And the adult educational association (studieförbund) has not had the time of the knowledge to educate the band like they did in the 80:s and 90:s. So now the gap is too big to bridge for an artist alone.

And also many prey on young artist and take them way before they are ready to make a professional lifestyle out of their music. And in most of these cases they are just in for the money not so much to develop the artist.

So witch are these develop companies, well in Sweden we have state ones like Talentcoach and BD-pop. Then on the private side you have Musichelp. More is on their way. And I guess it’s here it starts don’t try to make a shortcut you won’t last in the long run.

The funny part is that most artists are really not taking action and get to these new companies just because they don’t have a track record yet. Or goes by a manager that don’t has a clue and just follow the same path that they have always gone.

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