Tuesday, March 28, 2017

It’s about endurance.

Someone was complaining that my English is not that good. Well to be honest my Swedish is not that good either. I don’t claim that I’m a good writer, I just write about my I experience. Still I get hundreds of people that read my posts and don’t seem to care that I’m not write like JK Rowling.

It was a bold move to change the blog from Swedish to English but now my audience is a third from other countries and that is amazing. I guess I took it out of my comfort zone and just went with it. And I try to be better and better to write in English it really helps me to write in another language.

This is exactly what you have to do to get somewhere whatever you do. Yes there will be people saying things about what you do. People that just not doing anything but complain. And the history is full of these people that “tastemakers” but really is just a small voice of nothing.

Someone told that The Beatles would never be anything because they were four and that was out. Someone said that Bono in U2 couldn’t sing. The whole Swedish press hated The Hives until they broke in USA and then they said that they had always loved The Hives. Justin Bieber is the worst artist, well he sells most. Nickelback sucks….you can just get going.

Whatever you do, don’t let you down, only you knows what your art will be about. Even if I tell you that you suck, I have been wrong so many times. I have been right also. Still if you take it further and develop you will get there. It’s not about being best it’s about endurance.

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