Wednesday, March 15, 2017

You must take the path that no one has taken.

I hear it all the time from artists; we are ready for the next step. Then I usually ask them what that is? Usually the answer is that they would get a label, and then when they get the label they fix a booking agency and suddenly they will get that summer festival tour that they are aiming for.

I guess that road has never existed so it’s like a step into nowhere. It’s never anyone who answers that they should start to gather an audience so more people would hear their music.

No that would be magically fixed by the label by radio (and you know what I say about radio today, it’s so dead). Instead of see the label as an extra engine, that is the engine.

Here lies the thing about it. You have to do things that no one has done before. There is no straight way. And this applies to any business or startup there is. You just try and fail and then find something that works.

So when you say that you should take that next step. Well look for something that no one has done before in the PR department and gather people to listen to your songs.

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