Friday, March 10, 2017

Start on the right path, get dirty!

I see to many artists do the mistake to start in the wrong end. People that want to have the same page on Spotify as Madonna even though they haven’t  reach over 1000 streams. They are trying to get the good stuff before they have done their homework. But since they don’t get the good stuff they skip the homework and just come around complaining.

No you can’t get any good statistic if you just have 50 followers and 2000 streams on Spotify. There is no point of even go after this statistics. It doesn’t contain any valuable information. If  you gonna have that, start to get a fanbase and you don’t need the statistic to start to get a fanbase. The first part of the fan base will be kind of weird. The statistics later can tell you what are inside that number, but to get there you need to have at least 100 000 streams, but better with a million.

No you don’t need the most perfect video or photo in the beginning. It’s better to have something then nothing in these cases. Artists that get fucked up on these small things they will NEVER MAKE IT.

So be true to yourself and start in the right end of the problem. You have to get yur hands dirty and do the long haul to get things done. Only then can you get out the benefits of that work.

And don’t do the first mistake in the book, start looking for someone that can do that dirty work for you.

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