Thursday, March 23, 2017


I meet an artist the other day that where  upset that the press is giving the attention to an artist that has less number, less fans, less everything. I explained that this usually has to do with certain connections, friendships and other stuff. And the artist said, well that won’t happen to you? Do you ever feel frustrated?

Ohh YEEES. I don’t know how many times I get frustrated with this. I just saw a seminar about just my expertise in Sweden. In fact the speakers are people relying on my services. Do you think I’m even invited? Not even invited to attend!

One of the companies they have invited doesn’t even have a homepage.  Several of them has never done anything relevant on this field. The other one is my prime example of the worst failure in this field. I use them as the worst scenaro in my lectures.

Do I get frustrated, yes! Does it bother me, well yes! But it won’t go to my head. I know this has to do with friendship.

The irony is that the same day I speak on a much larger conference about this topic abroad. And I’m the main speaker. Still I get frustrated since they didn’t ask me. And I know even if I get a huge success they will ask me.

So knowing that, I just keep doing my thing and try not to be bothered, I will be bothered, but I don’t really care.


  1. Din engelska är så extremt jävla dålig. Tänker att det kan vara därför du inte blir inbjuden, även om du har mer erfarenhet osv.

  2. Nej det är oftast på svenska, de engelska blir jag faktiskt inbjuden till, trots att den inte är perfekt.