Monday, April 3, 2017

Too limited, time to break up!

Have you felt too limited? You want to do that great big thing, but there are too many things that hold you back? You are not allowed to write that cool rock anthem because the singer only wants to do calm ballads. Or try to experiment with a new stage look but the rest of the band just want to hold on to their plain old clothes. That sponsor deal you got for the band with that cloth store is not going through because the drummer doesn’t want to be a sellout, and it might happen that they actually have children working in their factory’s you never know.

I feel the blogg is this way right now. It’s like the whole damn Swedish music industry is afraid to tell something negative. No way that I’m allowed to write witch companies that actually fool their artists, since they can be costumers on our other department. And actually tell in the feed on social media that this idea really sucks and has been done 20 times before and failed, just that you are too young to know that. No way then you can’t be on the board, people are allowed to have their dreams.

Get the word out that some organizations really don’t do the things in the right way is impossible too. The only thing that happens is that they try to not get their customers to see the blogg.

Yes I’m limited and to change that I need to be more independent. It’s time to quit working for other organizations. Time to quite working in a dependent field. I really want to start things over, quit being a manager, quit giving advices, quit being on a board, quit be limited.

To be really honest most of the industry right now sucks, and is so damn amateurish that is no point being in it. The worst part I’m not allowed to write about it to make a change.

I guess when it is this way, the band usually breaks up. I guess it’s the same with business relations. It’s time to break up and do something new.

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