Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Monkey buissness

If you had a company would you just let your employees just do boring things? Of course sometimes they have to do things that I not that fun. Still if you just leave all shit that you mess up to the employees they will not be happy.

Even worse is when it’s things they should do that are really not part of their job description. You just treat them like your personal butler to pick up your personal mess. Would you do that?
I bump into so many that works in the industry that have got into that mess from an artist. And every day I hear voices in this office about stupid stuff that the staff has to take care of because the artist is just lazy or incompetent.

Right now I’m sitting doing a list of festivals in Europe with contact information. This job is just a monkey job, really anyone in the bands can do it, find the festival see if they have contact info. Still no one is doing it and if I shoot it out I know it won’t be done. They are so damn busy (with what I really don’t know). This information would be in their own interest.

The thing that bothers me is that this time I wasting on this shit I could take and just follow up my business cards to find new good opportunities for them. In reality they are not take the advantage of my strong sides.

Yes if you had your own business you have to these things. Same when you have a career, come up with things to do and explore if you sit on your ass nothing will get done.

And on the companies after a while they stop doing the monkey buissness the artist is not in the focus and then they goes out and complains that nothing happened on that label/publisher /whatever.

I funny story though was a friend who was an intern on a record label. His first thing was just to sit near a phone and wait for Kid Rock to call. Back then Kid Rock was the big thing. He’s instruction was “whatever mr Rock wants he gets”. He was pulling so much money to the company that everything was possible. So my friend sat there and just waited. Finally it rang.

- Hello this is Kid Rock.
- Hello what do you need Mr Rock.
- Well we are in Ohio and I need half pound cocaine and 20 dwarfs. Fix that.

My friend was only on that job for a week, let’s say that.

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