Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Take care to inform the whole team.

I was writing about the next level the other day you can read it here

Well many people see the career with steps and levels. One of the worst mistakes you do it treating it like that. I have done this mistake many times over the years. You work with a team and suddenly a new opportunity with a new team comes up. You leave the old team to get full focus on the new team that is doing new cool things.

Of course the old team gets uninterested since all the focus is getting to the new team. And after a while they stop serving the things they were doing and the new team feels that they don’t get the support that they actually took you in for. Suddenly you have burned the candle in two ends.

Sometimes it is like a step. The old team has to go for you to evolve then it’s good to burn that bridge. The mistake is that sometimes that old bridge is needed to get to the third team you need.
This is the reasons you should not see all as steps or levels. See it more like engenies that works for you. Even the little enging is need to get the whole machine to work. Then is it totally malfunction then you throw it off. But first you check if can be fixed.

To achieve this you need to put a lot of time to update everybody about plans and information. Here I have done so many mistakes by not take the time to inform the whole network about what is going on.

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