Thursday, April 20, 2017

Why it takes three albums?

Yes it actually does. Of course I know there are bands breaking through on their first one, but it’s rare. It usually takes three albums because the network is not there to reach a massive audience. Has nothing to do with the album, I actually see many first albums very good.

Also the first album is mixture of old song that the band has tried for a while. Played live and writer of a couple of years. Here is a very common fault that they are not able to follow up with a second album fast because they are slow writers.

So the second album is very often not as good as the first one. It’s produced and written fast (they are some that has written so much they have two albums ready, then this rule doesn’t work then they break on number four). This make a stress on the band so album number two is usually strange because they band doesn’t know their direction and needs to do things faster.

The third album is the one where they have taken out their path. Know most of the mistakes and can relax to do what they should have done on the first and second. Also since they have survived this they have also gained an audience and can spread it to larger audience fast.

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