Friday, April 14, 2017

Measure the intrest through the bio.

I have a thing to measure when an artist has gone far and sometimes too far. I write a hell of lot of biography’s for different artists. And as an old writer for a music site I know the agony when you get an artist on your table and it’s really nothing to tell.

And with that you can easy measure how far an artist has gone in their career by writing their PR with bio. If you have to make up, or get things from a really strange angle (like the artist is second cousin with Barry Manilow). Or they have been number one in some small African country you really didn’t know existed. Or center around a certain thing, like mention that you played Woodstock in four different ways in the text. Too little is done.

On the other hand if you can put up thing after thing after thing but really not moving forward, the band is probably too old and really not that interesting. Usually also these things is smaller things like they played on this festival 10 years go. Or was on a TV show 5 years ago. Also that they have changed record label several times with the same results.

The perfect scenario is when you have to erase stuff because it becomes too much. And that you can almost just add on big things and the new stuff that you want to tell. Yes it takes band around 5 years (of serious work) to get to that.

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