Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Let it go.

No everything has not to be like you think it should. Take chances that seems like stupid is must today. I talk to many artists that wait for the right opportunity. There is no such opportunity it’s just to try something that has not been tested.

You won’t get to that festival you want to get into by waiting and do whatever other artist is doing. You need to take your own path and do something no one has done before.

There is no standard way!

Let it go, and just test that new gig place that no one knows. Or let your music be heard in a place where no one’s expect it.

To play hockey you have to let go of the board. To have a career is the same. You have to take chances, and 99 out of 100 will fail but that one will make the difference.

I was told that a export office told an artist that going to showcases was useless. Take the chance was not worth it. I just came back from CMW with new deals and festivals for my artists to play on. Sure it might not been that way. But if you don’t buy the lottery then you won’t be in the raffle.
But no, I won’t go to the big ones first. Smaller is much better when you are new. And stay focused, your band has not to be performing, it’s all about networking. Good networking where you have time to hang. After you got your leads then you can go for the bigger ones.

Does not everybody do this? No really this is a small hack into the industry. Most bands consider that they should play on the festival. When they get there they play and just hope that someone would go by and discover them. THAT is holding on to the board.

Buy a ticket to the conference and hang with the speakers. Also not trying to sell them stuff all the time is much better. It’s rarely seen, but when it happens it can be magic for the band. Yes I have booked bands just out of that.

Still there is thousands of ways to do it and you have to find your way. Start to do something that no one has suggested or do something someone suggested but just in your own twist.

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