Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ordbajsare, wordshitter?

In Swedish there is a expression called ”Ordbajsare”. It means a person that just talks but the things they say means really nothing. Usually they also use nice words to hide the fact that it means nothing. Pretty much when you go to the car dealer and they tell you that this car has flexifuel investigator, with double front shitgear and that is really good. That is “Ordbajsare”.

There is a lot of “Ordbajsare” in the music industry, especially new teach companies. But before I start that I found this really strange translation. I really don’t know a good word in English for “Ordbajsare” so I just google translate the word and it came up with “Spokeswoman”…what the fuck?

Well it’s definitely not spokswoman.

I guess you know this kind of people. I was on CMW last week and there is of course some companies that is doing commercial around them and you really don’t get a grip of what they are doing. They are doing contacts in social media with a high tech platform. Or a cheaper way to say we help people understand facebook? The interesting thing is that the more they can’t precise what they are doing the less interested I become.

So if you find a person that really can’t precise what they are doing in the words you understand it. Usually that means something.

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  1. Interesting read I found upon googling and trying to find a decent translation from Swedish. After some 30-minutes googling or so I found out that the word 'wordshitter' is a used word in the English vocabulary but probably only used as a fun introduction in some rappers Soundcloud bio-section.

    Other fitting translations I found;

    Verbiage (Can probably be used towards someone, e.g 'You got a lot verbiage'?)
    Verbal Diarrhoea (Probably the most similar translation)

    Anyways, thanks for the post.