Friday, November 9, 2018

Work hard is just not enough!

We work really hard! I get that from artists quite often, especially when they seek us out to work with us. Here is the same rule as in the numbers game it all depends on what you do as well as what kind of numbers you got.

Working hard seems for many artists be to rehearsal quite much. That is the number one answer when I ask back what are you working hard with. And yes rehearsal is good also writing songs which is usually the second answer. Still, if you write just mediocre songs and then rehearsal them a lot won't really take you any forward. I ask if they are actively seeking out other writers or go to writing camps or write songs for other artists? I can't remember if I ever got a yes on that follow up question.

Then they work hard on the style. That is also a trap, that style doesn't mean anything if you don't have the gigs. And when I ask how hard they work on gigs the answer usually is: It's hard to get gigs you know.
Yes that is why you need to work hard to get them and when you get them you need to prove that you are so good they want you back, and there comes the rehearsal in again and we are back if the songs are good.

Then it comes to social media where they don't treat social media as social it's just screaming come and listen to my new song or today we had a rehearsal.

In the end yes you can work hard but as long as you work hard on the wrong things it won't matter. And I would say that quite many are just doing that. They work hard on the things they things is fun to do when you should work on the things that actually is kind of boring and struggling.

I know that is hard, I too usually just jump the shit and goes for the fun ones, still, I start to think to get things going as well and keep things rolling.

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