Wednesday, November 21, 2018

PR companies that don't know PR!

I was just in on a page for a PR company. Okay, this company doesn't do PR for music but still, I have seen the same on these pages as well. In this case, they invited me to some party with a presentation of a company that I want to know more about. They send out this flashy email but forget to tell where the party is and witch time, just the place. No links either. the only thing you have to go on is their homepage, so type that in.

Then you come to a flashy page with really no content, just flashy pictures, and the only thing is a link to their Instagram. On Instagram is no info, in the end, you find some sort of email.

This is really common for the PR agency that their own shit is really not informative or in a PR way really sucky.

I'm thinking to get over to just e-mail on the blog. The latest changes in Facebook have made it impossible to have links to a place outside their system. So bye bye facebook and I will build my own database.

Then I got an offer on a course to learn how to be good on e-mail PR and newsletters. Of course, I checked it out. If I'm gonna do this I want to be as good as possible on it. What happens is that this PR girl sends me a newsletter a day. And with really no content that is relevant to what I asked for. So how should I trust her advice when she can't do it good her self? Well, I just unsubscribed and thought what was wrong and will now try to do it better myself.

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