Friday, November 16, 2018

No, a business plan doesn't make you professional!

When I meet other people in the industry, there are certain things you can just say and they all nod and roll their eyes.

First is the planning. Artist seems to think to have a well-structured plan will make them look professional. The big mistake is that the plan is not correct in any way and can easily put into pieces seems to be nothing they are afraid of.

They start off with, we should release a new album by may.
- Okay, do you have the songs ready?
- No, we will write those next month.
- Well, maybe you won't write that good song next mouth. And what makes you so sure that you can write as many as twelve good songs?
- We have planned to have an album out in may!
- Good but you plan things that are not there. The songs are not written, produced, recorded. And that is ALWAYS delayed. On top of that, you need promo pictures a couple of videos and a PR budget. In the end, we start planning your release when you have all these assets in your hand?

You can never really plan these things. In the end, may next year maybe is a shitty place to release on for some reason. Also release in may is a kind of crappy place to release on anyway because it's too late to book on the album to festivals. The only time you can do that is the album is ready now and you can already send it to bookers and talk that the release will happen, but to do that you need everything ready. So saying to release in may you need to have týour shit together in November.

Somewhere someone has told these people that a business plan is a thing to do. And yes it is but they are structured totally different than your average seven eleven. An artist career is depending on so many things that will come along the way that these plans just wishful thinking and nothing you really can work with. 

Second is our music is great. I guess deep down inside they have doubts, but on the outside, they all seem to think they are god gift to mankind on the music front. The truth is, no they are not. And even if they where it will need a hell of a lot of PR to get it out there anyway. And also if everything is perfect there is nothing to learn and it will be really really boring.

Right now when there are more channels than ever to get out to. The plans will be longer and harder to predict. At the same time, the most artist has learned by digital standards you can release stuff instantly. These worlds will collide it's the time for that right now.

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