Monday, November 26, 2018

The right person might be in front of you.

I was out with a good colleague during the weekend. He is doing some really cool stuff with his label and is developing some new things that might be a big thing in just a couple of years. In one place we visited we meet an artist that we both know a little.

Pretty fast in the conversation, the artist started to ask us about contacts to good labels that he could hook up with. Things like...oh do you know anyone that is good on Spotify playlisting?

The thing is though that my friend is really the expert on that, he is probably the best in Sweden right now. So it becomes pretty absurd to think of another label that could do it as well as him.

When the artist left, I told my friend that he probably was the best choice for that artist. He replied:
- Yes, I know but it's hard to tell the artist that you are the best on something. It doesn't sound trustworthy to go out and tell that you are the best on something. And on the other hand, if I got to work with him it's not certain that I would be able to get the best for him since his whole story doesn't add up.

- Doesn't add up?

- Yes, he just started and really want a miracle to happen, to be able to get the most out of if you need to have everything together. You can't take anything small and then think you can get big things straight away.

- So you have seen the artist before?

- Yes I know his figures and songs and, sorry it's not up to standard, but I really can't tell him that. He needs to work on things before I would be able to do something.

Later in the evening, I got a chance to speak to the artist. He was still looking for someone that could level his things up and was keep on going on that. I was more or less telling him that the best was my friend, still, he needed to get some more solid platform before it could happen. He still couldn't get it, it was still just to find that right person to level it up that counted. That the right person was before him he couldn't grasp.

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