Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Ohh Eurovision....

They just released the competitors to be the entry for Sweden in Eurovision. The people that follow me on Facebook usually had a good time with me writing really mean, witty things around the whole process.

Now the media in Sweden has taken over and are more or less competing with each other to tell mean witty things around it. And yes it is smaller than ever. Before when the artist was presented it was headlined, today it was hardly even on the entertainment pages. And yes 19 out of 26 was also artists that have competed before and have lost.

So the point of writing means things are not just there. This year I will only write nice things around Eurovision. You just don't kick on people laying down, and I won't be mean to tv programs that just gonna be totally humiliated.

Still, I wonder how they manage to pick out so many "not" interesting artists. I guess there is a game here I really don't get, still good for the festival season it will be less artist to compete for the spots. One good thing is this will definitely be judged on the quality of the song, not on a famous artist.

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