Friday, November 30, 2018

The small details

I'm back with the details, I know I have been writing around them before. To many artist has to much focus on details in stead of the whole picture.

Today it was  a guy totally obsessed if it should be a big letter in the English words or the title and small in the Swedish one. what he totally forgot was that he had misspelled the song in general, there was no mastering done on the song and the frontcover was poorly done and in wrong format.

I mean it's like complaining on the paint of a car when it doesn't have a engine or wheels.

And it has become more and more of this. The full picture is left with a frag mental overview where the small fragments in the whole has no meaning at all. I guess it has to do with the big stars, there the details counts and everything has to be perfect.

 Also it has been a day with the excuses. If you tell people that their frontcover is to small, and you can't read what it says and that will effect certain things. Instead of just change it they try to come up with excuses, and ways around the error. Well you don't need to, you can have the error front cover, but don't expect to get all the treatments that you otherwise would get. Getting back with excuses to me won't change anything, I'm not the ones that make the rules. I'm just telling you what can happen.

If you have a front cover of a fully erect penis, yes there will be services and sites not using your songs or even put them up. Don't come back with a new picture where the cock is blue, it doesn't matter, the results will be the same as the first one, the blue colour is not making any difference. And no it is still a real penis you can't get away that it belongs to a smurf.

Easy solution, change the picture. Kind of easy solution, blur it so you can get a hint of what it is. But don't try to go around it and keep it and then complain when the things I said happens.

Yes that also came today, a person that complaint of things I already from the beginning told them would happen. In the end start like this, make good music (most 95% fail on that one), do nice pictures (95% fail on that one), have everything ready (80% fail on that one). After you mange these three ones, then let's talk details.

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