Tuesday, November 27, 2018

As you make your bed so you must lie, Zara Larsson

 As you make your bed so you must lie is Swedish proverb. I don't know if it has something equal in English, well you get the point. You get what comes for you.

In this case, it's the Swedish artist Zara Larsson who is releasing a new single and are complaining that all the questions that she gets are about her boyfriend and how they meet on twitter.

Well not that strange, and yes I know she is doing this as a strategy to leach out that women artist only get questions about their love life. But that is not true.

First Zara is not writing her own songs. She is credited yes but that is just because she adds some oh and ahs here and there. It's professional teams who write the songs and really not any deeper meaning behind them either. For that case, it would be as useless to have an interview with the model on the catwalk about the collection. It's the designer that knows the whole story, the choice of fabric and all that. That interview with the model would be rather boring, same here.

At the same time having an interview around the music on a family show would be utterly boring as well. What should they talk about? The plugins that were used or the computer or program that was there making it? Much of that magic and smart solutions are gone with the digital age. So these questions are not just for women I hear it from my male artist as well. Still the process today how to make a song is not that interesting. Only if it is a sole writer and a good point behind it, which nowadays is very rare. It's not like a song like "One" with U2 is written.

Then if you build your whole career around relationships and are mainly famous for getting a condom on your foot, well then marketing your single is not the number one question. Many media trained artists are good to get the subject back on track when they want to speak about their new single or music. I guess Zara is that but a bit annoyed around the interviews. Yes, it can be hard since marketing today is on social media and there the relationships are the number one thing. And it will keep following you. So for the journalist to raise their numbers they really can't post

In a reality check, this is what we will get when we market artist in the way we do. They put up all their life on social media and there it is, in most cases that is what keeps them in the feed in between releases of songs. Today artist is as much docusoaps stars as they are artists. The artist that doesn't go along with this is fast forgotten and will with the help of the algorithms just pass into the unknown.

One of my projects would be to make an artist like that. An artist with phony feeds, different in different streams. It would be interesting, and I bet it will come.

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