Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The perfect storm is created, don´t just happens.

- Then you just release the single without telling anyone, Beyonce did that and got a lot of attention.

After that quote of a PR agent on a panel on a showcase festival a couple weeks ago, I just stopped listening. Yes, you can release things by just put them out there if you are Beyonce. Since your fanbase is so big the single itself will get promoted by your superfans. Still, I haven't seen that single, and I doubt that Beyonce would go for that tactic if it was an important album she has to release. I guess that was some kind of b-side where she didn't want to spend that much PR money and with her position in the music world she can do that.

Since you are not Beyonce (if you are, send me a note I have some good collaborations for you) that advice is the most crappy ever given (thank god my friend that was on the panel said just that). Still, this is how many actually behave. They wait for the perfect moment to release a song or an album. You know what? That moment never exists, so if you want for that you will never release it and in the end, it will be released in the wrong moment anyway.

You will always read about people that in the biography released everything in the perfect way and created the perfect storm. Never happened, what they did was working things up so the perfect storm happened. And that is so many things that they really can't put it in a book. One reason is that they are so many but also that they really don't know them all.

Think of everything like a staircase, if you just stand there waiting to take a step you won't get up to the top. Yes sometimes you run back and forward on the same step and that is okay as long you, in the end, get one step ahead. Most of the time when that step happens it starts to get more and more steps to get on and in the end, you are running until you stop on a step and look on the staircase again.

Back to release something, yes you need to build it up. Not just make a Facebook post the same day as you release. Here must be so much more material and it has to start at least ten weeks before the release. And you have to be smart it can't be like an x-mas calender where you every day tells people that its' 8 days left until release then 7 days until release. You have to work on many different ways to remind people that are coming. Also, remind different people in different ways. In the end, you get the perfect storm, you build it, not step into it.

A picture with me and Matthew Knowles, well he did the perfect storm at some places.

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