Tuesday, November 20, 2018

If it ends here, i'm still happy!

Maybe I should just be trendy and get some psycho problem? It seems the thing that all influencers are doing.

Well, I usually say that stupidity is also a handicap when people see my handicap license.
I guess though that sometimes happiness can be distorted. You might not get happy on the things you wish after.

Its not all fame, money and glory.

I usually just ask myself, If you end it now, was it worth it? And as long as the answer is yes I should keep doing it.

I have had wonderful times and memories with all the artists I have been touring with. I have experienced a lot of things and seen some incredible stuff. Worth every minute of it.
Do I want more? Yes of course, but If it ends here I'm still happy.

One of my best tools to not go insane is to have a "I don't give a fuck account". Even if that e-mail should have been answered or that song uploaded, no I can just fuck that and play with my dog for an hour. It can all wait, at least 90% can wait. Its all these must things that drive you nuts. You can do it your way, there is no road that is the same in life. Keep that road happy and inspiration and you will be fine.

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