Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Putting makeup on a pig!

I really got a writer's block for a couple of days. The topics that have come up has already been written about. And the topics have really not been at the grassroots level either.

So I took over the uploading section on our artist site. Yes, we also have a distribution system where we let DIY artists upload to get distribution. Mainly because most distributions really don't do a good job for the artists. In fact, many of them do a terrible job. At the same time, our staff is really tired of an artist thinking that they are so important when they upload something and can be quite rude against them.

Just for inspiration and also to help out I uploaded from the queue line that had piled up since yesterday. And yes self-roaming artists have no clue what so ever what they are doing sometimes.

I got this guy that in the subject line (we have a line where you can add something around the release) wrote like three times that the song has to be under his artist name on Spotify. Also, he wrote that someone from the staff already told him that if he used the same name the song will go under the same account. So what's the point of making that out?

In the end, it's actually Spotifys system that makes that decision, not us. If it goes wrong (you never know) it's something around Spotify, can be that easy that just that day they changed something and all new songs got a new account, it has happened. In this case, I'm 99% sure it will go under the same account since the name is very special. But if you use a name that several artists have, it can mess up.

So it was very important what it looked on Spotify. The artist is always vain, very vain, and vain not for their own good either. The funny part here is that the Spotify thing is very important. that he had uploaded the song without an ISRC code, with the wrong format on the picture, put the writer's name in the wrong format. That the release date was on a sunday and was uploaded a day before release. That he only choose some sites instead of all just to be chaep. Well, that doesn't seem to count.

In swedish we have an expression that says "It's like putting makeup on a pig", I guess English has around the same if you see my picture down below. In reality, it dosne't matter if you get under the same Spotify profile. And our team is making miracles that you are even getting out there. If people started to listen to the song your rights will be all over the place. I looked on the earlier songs on the profile, and they hadn't been over a 1000 listings so I guess in reality we are uploading stuff that actually would get more attention as a facebook post.

So here is the stupid error that I corrected. Still, when I correct them it won't be totally correct, I just fix it so it works, not that it looks good.

The picture was to small, that is a normal problem. Here though it was in totally wrong format, so I made the picture bigger and with that more pixilated. Also, need to change the size so now all are a bit distorted by that.

ISRC code, I put in my code. I guess it will end up in the pockets of IFPI, hope they can get extra champagne on their Grammy award for it.

The writer's name I just kept, well they won't find that on PRS so that money I don't know where it ends up.

Release date on a Sunday. All releases go on Fridays, that is the official day to release stuff. Sure you can release on a Sunday, but you will miss out all marketing you could have done.

Having just 24 hours for upload is also just making that you can't promote the song in the right way.

So what's the point of nagging that you should be on the same artist profile when you do mistakes like this? In reality, a pig can upload a song to Spotify (and probably do it better). This artist is just vain, cheap and stupid. The problem today is that these artists clog the system with their shit.

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