Thursday, November 15, 2018

The answers you really don't say

I don't know but people so many times don't get what they give away when they answer things. How the answer just gives away that this we shouldn't use.

Today it was an artist asking about that they need to seek out our festival through submit system. The argument was that the subsystem cost money to be on. The truth is that it dosen't, yes you need to start a subscription but the first month is free so you can start the subscription and the cancel it and you will have a totally free application.
So the artist thought it cost money, okey the cost is like 15 dollar or 15 euro for a whole year. Still the artist thought that was too much money for a indie artist.

Wait, so 15 euro is much money? If you want to apply to our festival, you still have to pay for the travel accommodation and food. I guess if you are from the south of Europe that sum will be so much larger then 15 euro. So if 15 euro is too much I can't see how on earth you are gonna manage to get to the festival if you were chosen?

The artist just gave away that yes they are really not want to invest any money in their career. Just that is a good reason not to take them into a showcase festival, they are not serious enough.

This year we also have this question:
We would like to know how you plan to tackle the music conference. Showcase festivals attracts music industry investors from across the globe, and, if selected, you will be in competition with the other selected showcasing artists who will also be trying to get the attention of the same industry reps. Our experience tells us that artists who make the most of the conference are the artists securing deals at the festival. So please tell us in a few words how you plan to make the most of the conference to ensure that you engage with and promote yourself direct to the industry reps, and ensure that you entice the industry along to your showcase?

Not an easy question but good to see what people answer. Some give really good answers to this question. Full plans and strategies and stuff, and those really impress me. then you have the ones that give it away in the answer. Look on these ones:

1. Quality!

2. We will play a great gig.

3. The power of our live show seeps through the audience in one intense blast.

4. We take the band and us very serious and have a business plan for the next 3 years.

5. Look awesome and play great music!

What I can read here is that they probably also believe in Santa Claus. If it was only depending on that you are good it wouldn't be that hard, all top chart would be topped by the philharmonic orchestra from any major city. These people are highly trained and really good. If it was just skilled to play.

And if was just looks, hey Brad Pitt could have a great career as a guitarist. If it was just looks.

Now it's so much more. These are actually not even good components. It's all about hard work and that hard work gives the right skills (not just playing music) and a suitable image ( it's not all looking good). It's about meetings and taking opportunities.

The funny part is most of the artists that write like this is usually not even have a good live show to compete with or a good song. And the fault is that they believe that they are already there when the truth is that they are far away from what they think they are.

I also love that a serious band has a business plan, I wonder how that should help if your songs are not good enough?

Quilty, says who?

I wonder how they will do an intense blast if there is no audience, you still have to attract an audience, they are not just magically there.

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