Thursday, November 29, 2018

Doing the impossible

I was just down to the local grocery store to pick up some breakfast. I was standing in the queue line to pay when an older lady just pushed her way through up to the cashier.

- My bank card is stuck in the ATM!

Of course, the cashier can't just stop what they are doing and go and help the lady. So she picks up her phone and calls for someone in the staff to come and aid her. Then the old lady just says.

- Can you hurry up, I have an appointment at the hairdresser.

Like that is the cashier's fault. The ATM machine, in this case, is just on their premises, it's not even their machine. Second, if the card gets stuck, well it's because you have pressed your code wrong three times, then the machine takes the card. So most likely this situation is created by the old lady's own fault. Now though she is just blaming the poor cashier that has nothing to do with it.

She tries several numbers but since this early seems like no one is in the office to help the cashier. So she makes a call in the speakers, then she keeps on bleeping the stuff that the other customers that are there shopping. You can just see the little lady become more and more agitated.

- I'm in a hurry you know, I have my appointment!

I mean it hasn't gone even two minutes, and yet she is demanding things from a person that has nothing to do with it. Then a guy from the shop arrives and goes out with the lady to the ATM. On my way out I need to stop to get a thing where the ATM is and overheard the conversation. of course, the lady had punched the wrong code three times and for safety, the machine kept the card. And of course, the guy from the shop floor have not authority to open that machine. Witch, in fact, is like asking anyone in the street to open a random ATM. Still, the lady blames him and is kind of rude and annoying. She wants help now and goes before everyone else even though the mess she is in is created by herself.

This is so common right now. It seems like people think that the earth is spinning with them in the center of the whole thing. And any obstacle is just to lay down like a three-year-old kid and scream on the floor.

Fix this! Seems to be the mantra people think everybody else should do, even if it is darn impossible. A friend got ordered yesterday to fix "some festivals". The point is that is not his job, he work with other things for this artist, but not booking. But just because he have once fixed a gig, suddenly the lack of festival bookings are his problem. and he know that the artist will think he is not good enough or work hard enough if he doesn't do that. He pointed out that they need a booker. Well, then the question went over that he should fix a booker for them.

Right now I probably will be a very impopular person, but I will start just saying, sorry I can't help you.

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