Thursday, November 8, 2018

Is this the right opportunity or just a hype?

One of the bigger annoying things is the questioning of the value of an opportunity. I saw a band the other day that is very hyped. So hyped they already have got and put in diva manners to their roster.
They played on a bigger showcase earlier this year and I heard from the organizer they had been complaining about everything and being real divas thinking that they were the biggest act. Which of course was not true. Yes, they are semi-big in their home country. Now this country is pretty small and even as the biggest artist you are pretty small when you get out on the international festivals. Still, they were quite hyped.

Then my booking team wanted the band. I explained the situation, they still wanted to invite them. They did and got the answer that the band didn't believe in showcasing since it dosen't gave anything and they had stopped doing those shows.

Now suddenly I happen to see them on a normal little festival that was at the same time as a bigger showcase festival.

And as usual with the hyped bands. It was just a hype. The show was barely good. The songs mediocre. Sure I can see that they are local heroes in their country but far away from the things they thought they where.
And here is opportunity gone. By deselecting the showcases they will not evolve and will be placed on the crap pile of local hype bands.

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