Monday, December 3, 2018

Do some PR for your release!

No, it's not just to get the music "out there". Yes technically it is that way, you can release your single in 24 hours and get it online (technically I can do it in 3 hours, but that is another thing). But what is the point?

You see more and more that the services use more algorithms to pick up what should be on the playlists, And not just the algorithms, I see many of the bloggers and tastemakers also want to have a build up before the release.

Quite frankly your singles success will depend on how much and what kind of PR you are doing. The more and broader you will do it the more your release will succeed. this is actually not any new science. I would be that Coca-Cola is not the best soft drink in the world. Still, it's the most sold and they are masters of doing PR in many levels and things. By that they are the most sold soft drink, the best well that is totally another debate.

Yes, I know you can't do the PR as Briney Spears or Kate Perry. These are massive campaigns. No, what I mainly see is that most artists actually don't do any PR. They seem to think that a Facebook post will do it, or even worse a paid facebook post. Yes, you have to work for it around a release. You have to hit up all the people you have meet in your career, all the people you know and in some way or another be able to present this new music you have done. Yes, you will get 2% answer on it.

Of course, this goes easier if you have been smart collecting these people during the way and been small communicating with them. Here is the first mistake the artist do, they don't collect fans. No the followers on Facebook are not yours, you in fact only reach 10% of them with your posts. And you can't control how Facebook is flip around posts so they won't appear in the right time and place. In all words forget Facebook as a good PR channel, forget Instagram as well. You would probably be more successful in picking up your phone and call twenty people and tell them to talk about your new release.

I tell my artist to have all their release ready 10 weeks it goes live. Yes, 10 weeks. That is the time you need to set up all channels you have to be on before the release. You are not able to do the work faster than that.

Then also look into some PR that cost money! Too much people try to take all the free routes. Well, they are nice but it also gathers all other free routers. And in the end, you won't get anywhere just because every tool you use is for free.

And save mone6y for it. May I ask how much the recording cost? Calculate to use 50% of that sum for PR. Or actually, double it and use the rest for PR. Did the recording cost a million dollar (which probably Kate Perry cost) well then you have 2 million dollars and spend the other on PR. In Kate Perrys case they probably spend 10 million. But hey that is later. Did your recording cost 10 bucks well spend then bucks on PR. In the ned, I can tell you that 99% of the reason why your release flopped is PR. Even with the worst song, you can do a great release with PR.

- If I only had two dollars left I would spend one dollar on PR - Bill Gates

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