Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Everything is relative.

 Everything is relative. What is big for someone is small for someone else.

I just got an email from an artist saying that she really got good numbers on Youtube with her latest video. I went in and she had 36 000 views on four months. In some cases that is really good, in some cases that are really nothing.

Right now the gap between both is widening. I spoke to a guy working ion a major record label. Their lookout was if you got a million streams on the first 48 hours of a release. Well, then your 36 000 streams on youtube are really nothing.

At the same time, I got from a manger that is struggling to get 1000 streams on Youtube. For him, 36 000 would be a success.

But then the streams is not everything. I looked on the video with 36 000 streams, on three months it has only got seven comments. So I wonder where these streams come from? One of the tricks is to measure the streams is also watching the comments.

This video The Magnettes did with Rockit Gaming last year. On one year it has done 850 000 views with 2500 comments. I link it here:

In the world of the manager and the artist, this is a smash hit. I talked to the guys in Rockit Gaming and they thought it went a bit better than normal, but not any smash hit when it comes to Youtube standards. Many of their videos have over 2 million views.

Here we go it all about perspective. In the end, though nothing of this has broken any of these artists. Hunting numbers and boosting numbers is really not getting you anywhere.

I mean look at the artist with 36 000 streams. She thinks I will be impressed with that and start working with her or book her to our festival. The thing is that I looked on her Spotify and the same song had under 1000 streams. The facebook was 140 likes. She had never really played live. And the final blow, the song really sucked.

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