Friday, December 7, 2018

I want artistic freedom!

-We are signed to a label that is run by artists for artists, a place where we can have our creative freedom.

The line is from an artist asking me to help them professionally to get forward in their career. I looked into their things and realized yes they were just standing still. All their efforts where merely crazy small attempts to do things that have already been proven to not work (things like fundraising campaigns, just releasing on SoundCloud, do their own tours in their own places). Then I checked out where everything was released and found the label with that saying in the top.

It's a nice thought that you can get together as a collective and do that. Sharing all your contacts ( a thing that never works, I hope to write a piece on that later next week). The problem with these things is that they just do the mistakes that have already been done. To be honest, the artist has their creative freedom even on normal labels, is just that someone is saying no to the most stupid ideas like sending a 10 minutes long song to radio and pay for PR doing it.

The problem is that it seems easy to release music. well, it looks easy to have a restaurant as well. You just cook food that people like and then you make money, right?
Of course not it's all the things having contacts to market the restaurant, getting the right suppliers of the ingredients to cook with. Having the right staff, and be very very persistent.
Imagine that 5 different home chefs open a restaurant doing exactly what they want. That menu would be something to see! Should they have different styles in the restaurant, ohh I want a table in the Mexican part far away from the rustic Swedish food section?

Of course, it could work out over time when they find common mistakes and agree on things, but then they are just like any other restaurant just taking some detour doing mistakes.

Back to the artist seeking us out. The funny part here is that now suddenly they seek out this professional side and think we can help out on these ideas we already know doesn't work. You have taken a path that you want all control, all the money, but also all the freedom. That really can´t be totally teamed up with someone that will say no to crazy ideas, already have a kind of strategy how to get you forward. To be able to work with professionals you have to be very open and very curious to try new things and be very very persistent.

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