Thursday, December 27, 2018

To much information, and I will kill you!

You know too much so I guess we have to kill you!
a sentence you probably hear in the movies time to time. And it's not that bad in this case. Still many times I wonder how much info is really needed. Also, knowledge is good in many cases.

But to do the work you can't really explain everything to the artists. Take an example that you should buy a package of milk in the grocery store. the basic fact you need to know, like how much does it cost. what kind of milk is it ( fat, skin etc)? How long will it be good, when do you think it will go sour.

This usually you kind find along with the package, The price is on the shelf, the best before date is on there. But if it was missing no one would look strange on you for asking.

This information should be enough to get you to make a decision to buy this milk or not. Same in the music industry this basic fact you really need to know, and if you don't know how to read the date we will help you to learn that.

If the went to the cashier and started to ask questions like, Witch farm does this milk come from? And to be exact witch cow? I also want the name of the driver that brings the milk to the grocery store. Also, who was the person that started the milking machine that day? If I don't get that info I won't buy this carton of milk!

I guess you just will be thrown out from the store, and you will pro0bably not purchase that milk.

In my job this is actually not that uncommon, yes it looks funny when I put it out this way but when you get this you just want to throw the person out of the office.

The person in the grocery store actually can't answer these questions. Technically it can be done. They could trace all this information and how it's done etc, etc. Still instead of just scan you milk get paid every customer would take forever and the information is not that crucial.
Instead, it is an agreement that we accept that these people that bring in the milk to the grocery store actually knows their job. The other way is to get your own cow and start milk yourself. Not very practical, but actually doable.

So when people start to ask how a song is delivered to Spotify, or how the collection societies work against each other in different matters. Or how radio is paying out the PRS.Technically I can answer that question. Timewise no! If you don't trust what we are doing, there you have the door.

These things actually work fine. same as the guy driving the milk to the store. It's done daily and almost work all the time. Here too. Sure if you get 6 boxes of milk that are sour before the date we have to go back and see if the cooling system in the truck is done. But that is NOT a job for a customer, we do that side ourselves. If one cartoon gets bad ahead of time well that can be many mistakes during the way, shit happens, get on with it.

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