Friday, December 14, 2018

This is what you need to focus on the living from your music.

I got one of those "set your mind to it" where they start by explaining that all that you do is overwhelming and takes time and what should you focus on?

Most artists fall for this. Maybe you fall for the headline I wrote?

I mean we all have that question. This is not just the artist asking this question all the time, the professionals have the same doubt. Everything is overwhelming and the day only has 24 hours, and you need to sleep and eat. But even with a team with 100 people doing all that stuff that should be done, it's still not enough. When you get to that point you tell the world that you would need 200 people to make the task, why? Well, the more you do the more gets in as opportunities.

In this video, they talk about your goals, that you need to know your goals and stick to that than running around like a chicken. I agree to keep the goals and yes stop running around like chicken. You need to focus where you find it good to be. For example, I don't spend any time on Twitter. My post goes up there just if someone that likes twitter wants to fins me. Same with Linked in my posts are there too but I don't follow that much. I used to do a lot of Facebook. The new algorithm though has destroyed the good part there sop I had to go over to make a business account, still, Facebook only let through 10% so right now I focus more on e-mail. See when I change that, depends on the outcome in six months which is the time period I want to test out.

In a way, though nothing of this is important. The real importance is the mindset. The reason I'm in the position I'm is totally mindset. I want to work behind the scenes in the music industry. I don't have any desire to be on the stage, but I'm deeply interested in the business around it.
And I wake up every morning to just work with that. That curiosity is what drives me and make me go places. The people that fail are the ones that just do a bit of this. It's fun to work but you go home 5 a clock to your family and treat it like a 9 to 5 job.

An artist like Ed Sheeran was doing the same. I bet there are thousands that are better than ED Sheeran out there. But few have the determination like Ed. And keep going all the time is the key factor that took him where he is. He created the luck that got him there.

The problem is that many do a lot very fast. Suddenly they releasing a lot of music, posting a lot and are in your face for six months. Then they just cool off. And then they do the same race three years later. Like I said so many times it's a marathon not a sprinter race. You just have to do things all the time. And some periods of the year you do certain things like right now is high time to seek out festivals for the summer. So contacting those would be a good mission right now. Still, to contact them you need a good story why they should have your band so planning in a release later in the spring must be done at the same time. And on top of that don't forget the other stuff you were doing before.

Suddenly it's overwhelming. Then you think it over, take the things that work, keep with those and drop the stuff that doesn't. But with the right mindset you will come quickly up with new stuff to do so when it's overwhelmed it's temporary.

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