Thursday, December 6, 2018

Do it perfect, and never do anything! Slimy cod in a toaster!

Why don't you check your post with Grammarly? I do most of the time, on the phone it sometimes not work, then I try to check it later on the computer, and try to spell well on a phone! Still, errors occur, I know that and English is not my native language.

So I have two choices. I can do it much slower, just writing everything correct and also get the text corrected with someone else. Yes, but then I would do a post every second week. Sure it will be very polished. But would it be better? I guess not, you still get what I'm writing even with the errors. Part of the fun is that I can post Monday to Friday all week. A lot more is done and shared.

If we take this to the music level. All tracks that should be sent to me should be perfect produced in a very big famous studio and written by professional songwriters. I guess that would be really stupid to have that kind of expectation. Yes, the demos we get contains errors and faults, but hey that is okay. I can still listen to it and make a 99% judgment anyway. because if every song should be expected that flawless I would get a song sent to me every year. and the chances that the song is crap anyway is quite high.

Why? It comes down to the inside. what the song is telling you, what it contains. A good song is never about how good you play your instrument. Many times I meet perfect musicians that are lousy songwriters. These musicians usually just end up in the opera or big orchestras. And for me, that is the second place, they are not good enough. To be good on an instrument you just have to practice, to write a song you have to show real skills. And here it is about the story, not how it's spelled.

I usually compare it with Ramones and Yngwie Malmsteen. Ramones could never play any instrument very good. And I can only recall two solos in their songs ever, and one of these solos has it rumor that it's done by their producer. When Hilly Kristal saw Ramones the first time at CBGB:s he wasn't sure they just were some hoodlums that stolen their instruments.

Still, they wrote songs that would change generations. Look on the video when Metallica hear about Dee Dee:s death. Many other bands have also talked about how much Ramones meant to them like The Clash, Pearl Jam, U2 and Red Hot Chili Peppers. And they were voted into Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of fame 2002.

Yngwie Malmsteen, well he can play guitar. But that can so many others, and there is probably some small Japanese kid that plays faster and better than him. But you never hear of this small Japanese kid writing good songs. And did Yngwie inspire a generation, hell no! Did he write classic songs that are done by superstars, not that I know? And the reason is that he only play fast, there is really no songs there. Even how much Yngwie thinks he is Rock 'n' Roll the chances that he gets into Rock 'n' Roll hall of fame is very slim.

And I will rather be the blog Ramones then Yngwie. I guess less is not more, more is more.

You can also use this method to write songs. Write five songs a week. If you think you can write five perfect songs all the time you are so stupid that I urge you to stop playing music. But over time you will get better. And out of a hundred written songs, you will end up with some really good ones. If you only write one song and polish that song over and over. You might don't see it but that song can be a turd from the beginning and you are polishing a turd so you will end up with a polished turd.

Same here, some of my posts are turds, badly spelled and not good. But if I write a lot then I get better and I will write some really good ones, witch my readers has shown me over and over. So if I start to polish a turd post yes I end up with a polished turd post. Better to move on just write more and learn to be better.

I have written this before when I just changed the blog from Swedish to English to get the blog accessible to more people. I just realized it was over two years ago, so I guess with new readers I can take this again. On that old blogpost, I ended with a quote from one of the first punk bands in Sweden:

" Jag sjunger vad jag vill, slemmig torsk i en brödrost" and I did my free version, "I write what I want, slimy cod in a toaster".

Still, I love that people write back on errors, it means you care. But don't write ohh you have so many spelling errors or grammar errors in an email with no reference. Rather if you see an error put it in the comment section and I will change it and thank you.

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  1. Grammarly website is reminiscent of school again. When I open Grammarly, I could swear that Grammarly is a dad scolding me. An employee heard me bitching in the office one afternoon at work and sent me INK, I really appreciate how non meddlesome it is. I love the edits a lot and are convinced they more useful.