Monday, December 10, 2018

The hard work is after the signing!

Never strikes wrong, when you leave an artist since they mainly just sit on the sofa and sends you messages like " how is it going" they start to work. Suddenly they do these things they should have done all along, these smaller things that the professional can use to leverage to the second level. Now they do the small things and there is no one to take it to a next stage.

All the time when I speak with professionals they have experienced that they sign an artist that is really active and things are starting to happen. they take a chance and get the artist signed and suddenly everything stops. The artist is just expecting for you to pick up where they stopped and start doing all these smaller things they were working on. And you actually can't really do these smaller things. Okay yes in the artist's eyes these things are bigger, but in reality to get small blogs writing of you or update your homepage and get out and seeking fans is the smaller stuff you should really do on a daily basis. But these small things are the petrol we need for the engine to make the bigger stuff.

So then they come off again as active and someone else steps up and thinks, oh here is something happening and signs them. And suddenly they are back on the sofa sending messages "how is it going". Been there done that.

The thing is that when you get someone interested you actually have to step up all that work you're where doing before ten times. I guess many just expect that they should take over and you can just follow along, but that is totally different. The only time you do that is when you have a smaller manager that is new that is taking care of everything, I rather call these managers butlers then managers though. The problem with that is that these managers can never leverage anything since they are preoccupied to do all the things that the artist should do.

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