Monday, June 25, 2018

You have to wake up and think how am I taking my career forward?

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You have to wake up and think how am I taking my career forward? Most people I meet both artists and people in the industry usually claim they work hard but with some small tests, you easily see that people are really not doing that much. They rather stay in their comfort zone waiting for things to happen or just work on one target.

Just an easy test is to make an important call or meeting. I had a manager that wanted some stuff done for her band by me. I know the thing I would do was important to her. We booked a time to meet. The day before she canceled because of her kids where sick. Okay, that can happen. But also at the same time if it is important and you really want it you would have said to their dad to be home or fix a friend babysit for a couple of hours. So we booked another time. That was canceled by her busy schedule. Then it went for awhile and then I suggested a time since I was close by but she had to go out to ski with her children.

Today she is not working in the industry. She never went anywhere and her artist has closed down. In reality, she didn’t want it bad enough. She wanted it like a 9 to 5 job where her free time with family is more prioritized.

And that is okay. But I don't want to waste my time on people that just want that.

Also the same with artists if they have trouble to free time to take important meetings or opportunities you also know that the motivation might be high but not in the top that is necessary.

Many think it's not that dangerous to skip a thing or just take things later but it is a good indicator that you're not that serious.

Just waiting to do my panel on GMA. It will be fun. I might take the thing I wrote up here on it. It's about breaking bands around the world. And the biggest problem is the find the artist with the right motivation. They hide the level quite well, but I have developed some tests that I use to shine it through.

Artist: just got some new things done for my artists worldwide it will be fun to see their reactions, it's quite massive stuff.

Here hanging with Deputy Minister, Ms. Celest Hsiao-ching Ting. Yes, I have been quite determined with my career to get meetings like this.

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